Saturday, September 26, 2015

meeting your master

You know, I've always labeled you as my soul mate.  Even though after you left, I made myself believe it wasn't meant to be.  As if we would somehow ruin it... you know, the memory of us.  Our distance keeps it pure in its grandeur.  I told myself that people aren't suppose to end up with their soul mate...  the dizziness in our flesh radiates down into our bones to remain tucked away safely.  Similar to how physicist tell us if we were to come in contact with our "anti" selves in the universe, our existance would implode from a touch.  if we were to actually be together it would somehow kill us, the coexistence in real life would run our perfect story to the grave. And who would want that?  You were my first love.  A young love. The perfect summer fling.  You are a wish holding a coin in the pond.  You are my moon in the sky...  I can't touch you, but I know you will always be there.  I feel you were put in my life to shake me up just enough to believe in love so i keep chasing that feeling for the rest of my life...  how fitting to be on opposite coasts.  I have always felt you as a huge part of who I am.  Even when I move from chapter to chapter. I have never stopped thinking about you.  I will always think of myself as the female version of you... even if I am living in a different dream.