Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the peking order

wondering where i am in the peking order on a day to day basis... and wondering if i even really care where i stand. and is evolution a huge broad drawn out survival and alteration of those on the top of the peking heirarchy. if so maybe i should start to have a bit more concern.

i don't really believe in people... well let me rephrase that. i don't believe in too many people. like parking. today i had to wait for someone to finish breakfast in their car before i could park. too many people. not enough parking spaces. makes me late for work. if i were higher on the peking order i would have ramed my car into the back of his, parked, then clocked in. then i wouldn't have been late.

the only good thing i can think about "too many people" is war or protest.  In both war and protest you need a lot of people to fight and overturn for a cause because numbers can win.  And a lot of people may die or get hurt or arrested... but when numbers combine with passion, money and/or skill.  There is a better chance in the outcome.  Sounds like a win- win situation, that is unless you are on the loosing side (but at least there is bloodshed to knock down the population numbers). 

soldiers... though they are great brave heros ...are probably close the bottom of the peking order for the greater order.  pawns in a chess game are just as important to win. 

don't get me wrong. i don't mean to sound so cold hearted... everyone in the order is important. placement and time here in the peking order does not de-value the actual soul.  Its like the food web.  Each is important in the pyramid of life.  people have souls... people are incredible. in fact... i think evolution has come a long way (obviously): echodermata, chordata fish, lobe fin fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, primates, people... i mean we are ultimately amazing creatures.

sex, music, art, math, politics, sports, figuring out things, civilization!!! extrodinary i tell you. however, it was that first on the list (sex) that has gotten us to the too many part. everything is good in moderation.

the octomom should be shot. she is disobeying the moderation rule. she should not be an exception. there just are not enough spots in the order to support so many damn kids. damn kids... thats why we have a high unemployment rate... too many damn kids having too many damn kids. yuk. (i mean i am happy... and overwhelmed with just my one kid)

anyway... i feel lost in the order. i know i am too anti social and too non confrentational to belong on the top (i just cant go around running into cars when i can't find a parking spot now can i) and i don't want be benthic (not quite ready to sign up to die in war). a comfy spot somewhere in the upper portion of the order would be ideal. somewhere in an active society. where my goods are needed and i can get the goods in return. i feel i attain some sort of talent, knowledge, innovativeness, or skill... i am just not exactly sure what, if it is needed, and how much i can get paid doing whatever it is.

so here i am... broke. blogging. and happy about birth control and custard pie.