Monday, December 29, 2008

head sets and quizzes

i told myself not to get sucked in. what happens? i get sucked in.

never. i never intended to waste my time taking those stupid quizzes on facebook. but a cinderella and a center of attention hog later... i am here wasting a bit more time blogging about the aftermath. yet, i don't regret it. it made me think, it made me rewind time. i'm not a kid anymore. o but how i like to go back sometimes.

a good thrift store find occupied a whole night. laura, my bff. we found a $.75 set of walkie talkie head sets and decided to crash a party with them. so we put on our best camo gear. and i don't know if you know me, you probably don't... but i am erica wright and i have camo. lots and lots of camo. i am not even that big of a fan anymore... but i just can't seem to kick the habit. its like a facebook quiz i guess.

where was i? yes, crashing parties with our totally awesome spy gear. when we got out of the car we did not walk up to the party. we were running and ducking behind bushes and cars till the coast was clear. we were also just plain stupid. that was us. i think we were even da-da da-da da-da da-da dum dum... that was a poor excuse for a spy song, but that was the sound track to that night. we tumbled with forward rolls through the door and went all around the house with on a scavenger hunt to see who could find the objects first. like i said, we were just plain stupid. i am not sure anyone wanted us there. laura and i usually had a could of eye balls rolled in our presence... but that did not stop us. and the best part of all this was is the fact that we were 100% sober. apparently one who wears cool spy gear doesn't need alcohol or drugs for a good time.

so yea... i hadn't thought about that for years till that dr. phill quiz. not going to punish myself for getting vacuumed into the madness this time. but i don't want to make it a habit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

stagnant minds...

"big minds talk about ideas, medium minds talk about events, and small minds talk about other people..."

my big medium small mind races from insomniac experiences of parallel universes, super fired synopses, and sweaty palms... but i guess the last two should be tagged as cause and effect. i haven't been in school in over three years and now my brain is restless and foul.

yet i am not ashamed of my foul brain. it is completely human to be foul. to be completely honest, i am more ashamed to be human. if it weren't for our foul species there would be a babbling brook through the famous court house in new york. that is beside the point... get it? beside?... kind of like in a different dimension. who is to say there isn't one right now? peaceful flowing H2O neck to neck with streets with cars and people, lots and lots of people. if quantum physicist believe in past parallel universes without humankind, wouldn't they believe in another world 2000 years after people?

we are dirty, sexual, and curious. therefore, foul. i don't mean to dislike my own kind, it just hurts to know that mother nature is her own detergent and as long as we are around we will be the lingering laundry projects that invade beds and floors worldwide. so what do we do? we know we are destroying our home so i guess we will have to look for other worlds, other galaxies to live on or in... problem number one, affection in space. if we are going to do any traveling without gravity... i am not saying that there will always be weightlessness with wormholes because i am clueless on the subject, i am just saying that "if" there will be any transporting in space, we are going to have to supply our dirty minds with some one on one action. thus perfecting the two-suit (which is pretty genius and human... loved it). we parasites always have to have a way to reproduce. and the whole "let me wear a helmet to experience an out of body experience" isn't going to cut it. to drift the subject while we are talking about the love making issue and going back one time to neurotransmitters and synopses and and my sweaty hands... my doctor just gave me some zoloft to try out. and i am all about participating as a lab rat [as long as we leave the polyester pants out of the deal (which also sucks for sex -don't mind my add rant about an experiment on rat sex lives in polyester pants) ]... however, I probably won't take it. I'd rather blog my feelings and crazy thoughts than be a smiling zombie. I am real. I've been through issues. Been down, done wrong. But I am me. I am alone inside myself, I am dealing, but I am real. I am me. Real friends know all about you and love you anyways.

so as i was saying.