Wednesday, November 5, 2008


as in free freak frequent sequin style.

some people try so hard to stray away from stereotypes. far from the image they don't want to be. well what if that is just who they are. wouldn't it be worse if they just acted like you and me or the vice. could you imagine living in a script your whole life afraid of being who you are to avoid a stereotype? just let it be, let it be, let it be let it be... (sorry had a beatles moment there)

not everyone is accepting of every culture. to one it may be ignorant, to another... a way of life. to one goofy and corny, to another... radical and ingenious. we may not understand each other but we should accept each other, no matter how hard it is. and yes it is hard. it may be one of the hardest things to conquer in the whole entire world. but we all have to agree to disagree at some point and look the other way when needed, and mostly just look the other way. so calling precious "swirl babies" (term coined by lea's sister) "halfricans" (term coined my some ignorant POS that was angry about our new president) is out of the picture and uncalled for. clever, but deffinetly inappropriate if we are going for world peace. we are all made out of the same parts, right?

so i like to think of myself as an uneducated anthropologist. personal experiments to experience personalities. curious as to what makes different people tick. i have weaseled in at any opportunity to get close to anyone who is different from me. but whether i found myself on my knees with a doily on my head or with red and white nikes on my feet hopping my ass over the bar to get to the subway... the sequins always finds the real me, and my newfound hobby gets deleted and i have to move on to the next one. and the next one. and the next one. this frequent change carries on till i look at myself in confusion and exhaustion and say... i am done.

yet through my trials and my errors i have found precisely what i want, what i don't want... what i can put up with and what i can't. i know who i am, what i am capable of, and where i want to go in this life. getting there is another story (but at least i know). i know my heart, and what i want it to feel like and how to back away when emotions stray or unbalance.

i am the anything goes, lets go anywhere, lets do anything, get along with anyone... as long as i can have my space when it is time to (i love my alone time)- when you boil me down you get a ghetto tendency having, water loving, deep down earthy chick.. with a mild splash of an artsy colorwheel on the side. i am me. a lot of me chameleon-ed through each one of my experiment experiences. for i have stolen bits and pieces of "so called culture." i then stitched this mimickery into my life. of coarse bad habits and things i nnnnever in a million years would have wanted to compose myself with have been picked up along my journey. so i may have created my worst nightmare... but no one is perfect. but i like to use the hand i am dealt and deal. working on my person daily, trying to rediscover and reconfigure so that i may find true happiness in my sparkly sequin covered self.