Tuesday, September 18, 2012

when a crab gives birth to a bird

I used to think I was a bird. And I can feel I am getting my wings back. But for the past year I have been a crab. I have let someone get the best of me. Let manipulation morph me into a crab. Crabs simply cannot give birth to a bird. I wanted more for My son. Wanted him to be free. Like I used to be at one time. Like i am returning to now. It just saddens me I have wasted a year with this hard carapace and snapping claws.

let go woman, let go

think with your brain dear just this once. you have been fooled, decieved, and all the signs point in the other direction. but you love him. he can be a liar, a thief, he may flirt and talk to many women. but he loves you. he cant help it. wake up woman. you deserve more. something that can grow. something real. something that can be created and everstrong. why cant you let go. your future will be grimm. your sons future compromised. doesnt he, your son, your world, if not you... deserve more? you say it is not affecting him. the fighting. the misery. the lies. the attitude. the distraction. it does. and you know it. deep down. stop being selfish. stop being loyal to the wrong people. open your heart to someone worthy. someone light hearted. someone who will treat you like you deserve. a princess even. and be a good role model. you know the signs. they are all there. you know if you just let go you will be free to be happy. free to love and let love. pay attetion to hats and cornfields. they are telling you that you can. be strong. hold your head up. he may love you. but not in a way that is best. not a way that is true. not in a way that is right. let go woman. let go. go be happy. let your heart dance with the trees.

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