Monday, February 16, 2009

mad scientist aka god

so i am thinking that god is more of a mad scientist. Bang... unexplained, there has to be a greater force. and with that force he has created perfect conditions to grow and create. we are not the "chosen," rather it is the earth that is his "chosen" project. it was here long before us... and it will be here long after us. however, we are a minor result of experimentation. organisms from minerals. time. evolution. as if we were emeralds crystalized from corundum. trial and error. failure and fixture. like lice on a head infesting and unwanted. we are the greater species so we create a toxic environment in which it cannot survive. god is the greater force and our environment will soon become too toxic to inhabit as well. however, i think that god wanted us to make it and it is ourselves that are killing ourselves. taking gods earth, digging it up burning it. it is more godly to ride a bike, it is more godly to push a round bladed lawn mower. we will become extinct because we will not get in the way of his "chosen" project. when we die off and the earth cleanses itself and conditions improve maybe he will create another kinder out of clay.

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