Saturday, February 7, 2009

the iron in our blood came before the egg.

The dinosaur egg came first. Then the chicken… and finally, the chicken egg. Or at least I am convinced that it happened that way. Its always good to get background info. Like what kind of egg? The answer to that question could have gone completely wrong had i assumed it was between just the chicken and its egg. But since I went further into question, “the egg” does not specify “chicken egg” … Therefore, I was able to answer my own “chicken or the egg” question with the answer I know to be true.

Speaking of life, is it a miracle? Can life be a miracle if there was nothing before it? Or is it miraculous for that very reason. i know I marvel at the whole process. The creation of the universe in the matter of a bang. The aspiring superstar inside our iron filled blood originating from a supernova. Who knew that all events within the Venn diagram would lead to our coincidental life. A + B + C and the shaded area is us. We cant be here without the happenings of A,B, and C. That is pretty miraculous... all the way down to the tides and the moon. And just as we occupy only minuscule portion of events that lead up to our being… our actions will extinct us as the universe continues to expand. Or maybe as early life forms helped in aiding the creation of atmosphere which in turn created land animals... maybe our destroying of atmosphere will cycle anew evolutionary form that can withstand UV radiation and harmonize within the raisenbread.

Then another life form will thrive asking mindless questions of what came first.

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