Wednesday, December 17, 2008

twenty-one grams

fung shway. not really sure how to spell it. not really sure what it represents. it was never really "spiritual" to me. i never really categorized it as "creepy" either. til her.

i foolishly perceived it as the positive flow of energy and which direction to have your bed face. something that involved magnetism. right?

now, because of her... it is much deeper. much darker. it is about "something" flowing through my house. she put life into this flowing energy. so i move my furniture around so that this living ball of energy doesn't run into my furniture? thats creepy. and what exactly is this flowing vitality source? demons? ghosts? 21 grams of soul? and why would i want to make special living arrangements for it.

i have heard theories, uh... thermodynamics. something along the lines stating that energy can never be created or destroyed... only transformed. so, humans are transformed out of other energy? and so what happens to our souls once they are done with our bodies, or shall i say when our bodies are just done??? the soul weighs 21 grams (according to some science guy, whose name i cannot remember off the top of my head). sure the body your soul uses decomposes into the ground, thus transforming into part of the earth... but what happens to the 21 grams of soul? does it become earth too? does it float up to heaven? does it cross over to a parallel universe? or does it creep people out by flowing through houses?

i am sure i will never hold the true answers to those questions while living in this body. i am not sure i am ready to commit to fung sway either (although i will rethink putting a mirror at the foot of my bed in fear of frightening my soul with my bodies reflection... who wants to have their soul frightened? surely not me). but as far as making it easier for all kinds of ghosts and whatnots floating through my house... not so much. the only thing i am sure about is the fact that fung shway makes one hell of a topic for conversation. and awesome conversation makes work go by so much faster.

awesome conversation made possible by ericka, or better yet erica with a k. the k is for her knowledge.
ps. science guy- macdougall.

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