Saturday, October 11, 2008

subject in process

i wonder if life is like a laundry project. i am sure not everyone has laundry projects. i have laundry projects though... i have no steady system through the seasons. so i find myself sleeping on the floor breathing in dust under a chair sneezing, while piles of my lanundry project are snoozing comfortable on my four thousand dollar matress. comfortable, not confined by neat folded stacks sorted and separated, but free and fluid decorated with wrinkles. tired of pushing to find space for little bodies to retire, tired of making more work and wasting more time with clothes hunting and irons...  i find myself in need of a friend. overwhelmed i stare at the mountain made of wardrobe. where to start? i just assume spend another night in another room, another day digging for the next wear. but then a helping hand reaches for the start of what seems an eternity of folding, bagging, ewwing, separting, and storing. it is nice to have friends that can motivate you to move mountains. even if inturruption errupts from cranky kids and grumbly tumblies. it was enough to get me going.  I'm usually fine doing something once I start. i guess thats just how i am about some things (... which is probably the main reason i am still 'lifeguard for life'... that and the benifits).  ps. i only slept on the floor because i got kicked off the air matress in the living room from my fellow slumber partakeoverers. but the worst part of all this... is the fact that i am so content with my 'life in process...' even if there are moments of messy beds full of lifeguard uniforms and sponge bob underoos.  because i know one day.  things will be better.  the end.

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