Friday, October 17, 2008

the rats of politics

and so i see the t-shirt again, right in front of me again; and yes again... it has me in a trance with my brain wheels spinning. this is twice now this strolling billboard has brought me in. how a cotton blouse decorated with politics holds such pondering power over me is actually quite amazing and beyond me. it reads:

"Democrat ends in rat, Republican ends in i can."

clever. it has my attention. it makes me want to trade in my liberalism. but i don't cash in quite yet. there has to be a way to turn this around... and so as the wheels go round and round in my head i visualize a rat on a wheel in a cage. my daze grows deeper. i think of the rat. the poor rat. no one wants to look down at the china man place mat under their poo poo platter to find out that their year is the rat. because rats are labeled as disease infested and dirty animals. but it could be worse... you could be the no good dirty scoundrel described as a "meephis on a flea on a rat." (wasn't that from the movie grease???)

i say this is the age of the rat. for example even disney has jumped on board with pro rat. making the movie ratatouille in their honor, giving these rodents a better image. now does this glorification make up for all the experiments and test we do on rats? probably not. yet experiments signify tests that change or make things better... so in a sad corrupt sense, rats can signify change.

moreover, in my recent conversations i have learned about morgan. apparently, morgan is the name that they gave to the rat that supposedly survived all the meteorite showers that caused the dinosaurs to their extinction... so long story short they are claiming that we evolved from apes, and apes somehow or another evolved from these underground surviving rats. so we all have a little rat as a common ancestor, is that such a bad thing? so i have also come up with the disclosure that rats also signify longevity.

as for "i can." i can see that to be a rat is more than it seems.

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