Friday, October 3, 2008

twilight sands, unsavory balls, and a little quality time

what a beautiful day. i found myself carving a mermaid out of sand when i stumbled on the disease ridden plastic ball that insisted on making its way into the young mouth of my babe. refusing to spit it out, i told stories how the very rare and deadly red spherical disease will make bones brittle and crumble beneath the very skin that house them, how blood will ooze out of ears and noses, how eye balls will o my gosh there it is swelling bigger... bigger... i then chased the body that was connected to the mouth that inhabited the ball till sand splashed all around and we sank underneath. buried, almost. i look inside, nothing. then i see the infected sphere encased by palm. quickly i go against all my morals and good teaching, i snatch and throw. tears stream. i may have caused scarring, but at least we have not been impregnated with germs.

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