Friday, October 10, 2008

ferocious meander on mother mary and darwin

and why are we @ the top of the food chain... because we are merely just good hunters???  and are sharks too ignorant to believe anything past swimming and eating?  can they have a jesus? and would he be called shesus?  and just what should i believe in mother mary or mother earth????  anyway, what if ants were human sized...  since you know, ants have the largest brain in proportion to their body- would they still chase sugar? would they evolve to eat us? so many questions racing through my own brain.  well. ants are mostly little for now...  so we can just smoosh towards extermination if they get ant bigger ideas, we are just so big and clever, so much so that our cleverness exceeds beyond an anthill.  we are smart, selfish and imaginative fabricators.  So, mary or myth... us humans have the parthenogenisis in the form of an ovarian cyst. well maybe mary's was more miracle than cyst. even so, how can a cyst save our souls from extinction... well i guess there are too many sex addicts on welfare anyways to worry about a dwindling population. over fishing, shortage of males... mother natures last attempt to save the shark is by breaking the rules. which is why we have to set limits for ourselves. sin, and lots a gay sex... maybe mary's asexuality was gods last attempt to save mankind? they say that whole solo sex thing is as in-bred as it gets, and we all know how the rumors in west virginia turn out. mutations and retardation from intermingling with family. (did the blue man group get their idea from the mutated recessive blue gene????) but who knows....  maybe mother nature wants more inbreeding to have more recessive genes to be expressed in case they are more apt for survival...  feeling proud of my light eyes and red in the sunlight hair right about now.... is sexuality turned asexual simply a form of evolution?... when something is about to bite the dust (environmental or dwindling sex partners), the great mother breaks a couple rules to save itself.... creates anew inside an old and the altered consequences survive when the rest dies out?  sorry.  read an article about an asexual shark.  and it just makes my brain go a mile a min. 

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