Monday, October 27, 2008

apples that taste like moth balls

i cup my hands and splash cool fresh water into my eyes. i stand up and take a look around. i proceed on my oddysey by jumping stone to stone. i follow this babbling brook to a dam. my eyes are wide open now. i see aethetics turned into something similar in disgust to a ketchup splattered flap you see in a typical fast food joint container. i am among the parasites that transform natural working order into alarming disarray. yet, i still slide on my gloves and roll up my pant legs. i gather an infinite amount of butts, two soda pop cans, a condom, and a couple of faded wrappers.  why?  because i want to be a part of a solution. a solution that i am not really even sure exists, a solution that doesn't seem reachable or hopeful for that matter... but nontheless mother earth is in dire need of a band-aid. Better yet, run and get the AED... i sense she is about to go into cardiac arrest. (RIP Mr. Street)--thought i would throw that in there.

i once heard sometime and somewhere, "if all insects were to disappear, humans would seize to exist. if all humans were to disappear, life on earth would flourish." this saddens my heart...  that me, myself and i contribe a ton of shit to this earth... not to mention massive waste of energy, trash, pollution, etc. i think of possible solutions and can only come up with this: birth control.  if there are less people, farmers wont need to work tired land with synthetic bullshit that makes apples taste like mothballs to keep up with supply and demand. compromise our earth to feed all these greedy ass ticky tacky little boxed people in their urban homes with their big ass gas guzzling vehicles... (sorry if I got the weeds theme song in your head after that one)

i am not saying we should hire Dr. Kevorkian, i am not saying i am pro-abortion, i am not encouraging mass murder either. i am just stating that humans are (aside from great creative, innovative, entertaining individuals) are not superior. for if they were, they... we (i do include myself)... would take better care of our home. our massive breeding of greedy people has really taken a toll on our earth. our kids will suffer greater than us, and their kids will suffer greater than them. this will go on till we either find a new planet (long shot) or this one just dies along its inhabitants (my money is on this one).

we need to conserve, kick gas, go green... and always remember to use condoms (but not throw them in a dam) ...or some other sort of anti baby method.

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